The Black Forest is a large forest occupying the bulk of the land on Veşti north of the Jansu Mountains. Due to the harsh winters and short summers of the region, most of the trees of the forest are evergreens, with deciduous trees scattered throughout.

Geography Edit

Much of the interior of the Black Forest remains unmapped to this day, due in large part to the density of the forest, natural dangers inherent to exploring it, and the superstitions of the people who live near it. While few details are known about the landforms in the forest, the general layout is understood to mirror the land around it. The southern portions lie on the lower portions of the Jansu Mountains and the affiliated foothills, descending into coastal plain in the north.

Residents Edit

The people of northern Veşti live in isolated villages and small cities around the forest, with some settlements up to two miles into the forest itself. Due to the scattered nature of these settlements and a lack of significant historical contact with the rest of Khadaka, these places are almost entirely independent city-states which lack any central government between them.

There is also an organization of explorers and hunters separate from the city-states. The Huntsmen are comprised of exiled criminals and those seeking adventure or escape from their lives in the villages. These people spend almost all their time in the depths of the Black Forest.

The Witches are believed to live in a cabin somewhere deep in the forest.