The world of Khadaka and the Higher Realms have most of the normal creatures from our world, as well as a number of magical and supernatural beings. This page lists the beings of note.

Native Beings Edit

Any creature that calls the physical manifestation of Khadaka home is considered a Native Being. This includes all mundane animals which are common to both our world and theirs. There is no comprehensive list of these - it can be assumed that any animal we have reason to include is included. The following lists the main creatures that are unique to Khadaka or have need to be discussed.

  • Glimmering Host - Spirits of heat and light who regulate Summer.
  • Humans - Primary sentient race of Khadaka, manipulators and protectors of fate.
  • Sea Serpents - Massive aquatic snakes, generally operating at the command of water deities.
  • Tremors - Embodied rage and malice.
  • The Wandering - Cursed humans who cannot die.
  • Winter Wisps - Spirits who bring cold, ice, and snow, and regulate Winter.

Fae Edit

Fae are a unique assortment of creatures native to Tempest. While some have migrated to nearby Veşti or transported to Prindern, very few exist outside of their native habitat. They are creatures of magic, born from the peculiar environment of Tempest.

  • Birds of Paradise - Any of a number of island-specific species of small, winged creatures that harvest raw magic from their environment and refine it into æther.
  • Centauri - Horse-like creatures with a humanoid torso and head in place of the neck.
  • Fauns - Bestial creatures with a humanoid torso and head, but the lower body, eyes, and horns of a goat.
  • Ladies of Vortex - Amphibious female humanoids who lure vessels to their doom with song.
  • Shadows - Ethereal hunters who consume magic and kill mages.
  • Stoneborne - Large feral humanoids who shape stone by singing to it.
  • Warlords - Semi-corporeal, shape-shifting, immortal beings who embody and protect the islands on which they live.

Semi-divine Beings Edit

  • Faces of Shast - Physical manifestations of various desires, who grant wishes to those who can bind them.
  • The Sisters Concord - Physical manifestations of the forms of artistic expression, are often called upon for inspiration.
  • Witches - Three women granted the magic of Ngv.

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