Fatebound is the first official webcomic for the literature, history, legends, and religion of Khadaka. It has been hosted at Comic Fury since June 23, 2015, with a mirror site on Tumblr. Another mirror site on Tapastic was started on June 27, 2015. However, due to the differences in publishing style, each story within Fatebound is run as it's own comic on Tapastic. The art and writing for the comics is done by Tim McLaughlin Jr and the web design is managed by his wife, Carol McLaughlin.

Fatebound is described as an anthology of stories that take place on Khadaka, which may or may not be entirely true. The stories covered in Fatebound are those which play into a specific theme of the world's history and literature, leaving much of the world unaddressed. This theme ties closely to the first story arc, The First Fatebinder, and includes guest appearances by Ngv and Herot as they appear to be playing out their grand wager for control of the universe throughout history. No plans to directly tell stories outside this theme have been announced, but Tim's stated interest in seeing this become a mythos which others can use suggests that the door is open for others to elaborate on it.

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