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Welcome to the Fatebound Wikia[]

Everything you ever wanted to know about the world of Khadaka, from the webcomic "Fatebound".


The Fatebound webcomic is a series of stories known to the people of Khadaka, though many are believed by those people to be at least partly fictional. This wiki is the more 'grounded' approach, and is often written in-world; the people of Khadaka are here given the chance to describe their world and literature. This is done as a wiki because users are invited to participate.

How to Use this Site[]

As the Codex for the world of Khadaka, this wiki has any information already revealed through other means or information that is helpful to understanding the world but does not appear elsewhere. For those wishing to use the world of Khadaka, this site serves as a setting resource. Users are always encouraged to contribute.

The site has two different angles. On every page that does not directly relate to the webcomic, text is assumed to be written in-world. This means that articles are written from the perspective of people who live on Khadaka writing about their own history, literature, religion, and geography. However, space can be added to the bottom of any article to write about it from the perspective of Earth, usually in relation to how it is represented in the webcomic or received by readers. Such additions must always be at the bottom, and labeled as such. Because the world is considered open-source, users are invited to use the in-world space to add their own suspicions, concerns, interpretations, and such that can be reasonably expected to be held by someone on Khadaka. While this is incredibly open-ended and use of this aspect for your own amusement is encouraged, it is important that such writings be done in such a way as to show that it is an interpretation.

Please remember that Khadaka and Earth are separate, and that information provided as belonging to one may not always inform the other. The people of Khadaka have no idea that the Fatebound webcomic exists, and will not base their interpretations on visual clues, publishing orders, or other webcomic-specific information.

Latest activity[]

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