Map of Khadaka

Khadaka is largely covered by water but has five major landmasses.

Hilsaf Edit

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In the far north, west of Veşti, is a massive island called Hilsaf. The land is a mixture of environments, being largely covered in glaciers occupying what land they can between active volcanoes. Nearly a third of the island is covered by one massive northern glacier that extends out to sea and, in winter, connects to the polar cap stretching around the world. The very southernmost tip of the island has sparse evergreen forests. There are no official nations on Hilsaf, only semi-nomadic tribes which have a complicated series of agreements and marriage pacts keeping them in check. During winter, it is not unusual for these tribes to send raiding parties across the ice and sea to sweep down onto northern Veşti and Frindar.

Veşti Edit

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The third-largest landmass on Khadaka, Veşti has historically been a land of constant conflict.

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