Herot is believed to be the first human fatebinder. He is the focus of one of the oldest legends on Khadaka, which is retold as a warning tale against attempts to gain too much control over fate.

Herot, as he appears in the Fatebound story arc, "The First Fatebinder"
Vital statistics
First Appearance June 25, 2015
Most Recent Appearance Sept 28, 2015
Race Human
Physical attributes
Height 5' 10"
Weight unknown

Life Edit

Herot is estimated to have been born in the late -19th century Reformed in Frindar. While the legends which include him don't give a direct location, the city of Herotia is named for its claim to have originally been his home village.

Other Interpretations Edit

The most common telling of Herot's story is that he learned fatebinding, came to realize that he could not handle the full scope of the power, was confronted by an unnamed god, and decided to back down and be more cautious with the Art.

The Sylanthal, however, tell the story differently. They believe that Herot was confronted by Ngv, and that the two entered into a wager for control of creation. Herot was made immortal in this exchange, and the two beings meet occasionally to discuss their deal and take 'score'. Due to the fact that the Sylanthal have been around since the beginning of recorded history, their telling of the story has affected cultures around the world. Even those that actively teach the more common version of the story as literal history often have an apparently immortal Herot occasionally appear in the background of some stories or legends. Some groups within Phaelism even regard him as something of a glorified human, not quite a god, but engaged in their affairs to this day and capable of being invoked.

Appearances Edit

In the webcomic Fatebound, Herot appears in the story arc The First Fatebinder. He has also made a brief appearance in the Epic of Hadral, where he is seen discussing the arrival of Hadral and Elyse with Lophael.

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