Jektan is the capital of Enrelisha, a title it has held since its formation in -902 Reformed. It has been known by a few other names, but most of its history has been as either Jekland, Jektan, or the Shining City.

Geography Edit

Jektan sits on the Lendar River, hugging the base of the hill Axanedar and running from the base of the Jansu Mountains to the coast of the Hasbaren Sea. The city has two centers; one is the original site of Jekland, north of Axanedar and resting entirely on the eastern side of the Lendar, while the second is at the coast of the Hasbaren and extends to both sides of the river, formerly the city of Tiras. Much of the southern half of the city is reclaimed land, built up from the marsh of the river delta over the course of a fifty-year project ending in 1829. The northern half of the city, however, is largely built on hard, rocky land with a shallow water table that feeds into the river. As such, the land is very difficult to break, and much of the district is composed of short, wide buildings without basements. This was done intentionally - the land was unsuitable for farming and had few trees, so the early Enrelisha decided to use it as a center to gather and distribute resources instead of occupying precious farmland and hunting grounds for the project.

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