The Supernal Age is the first Age of the calendar used by the Agnarin. It spans the entire period prior to the creation of the current world, during which the Agnar existed as powerful entities in unknowable time and space. During this Age, countless worlds were born, grew old, and died; a process guided by the brothers Jondar and Hissopher and their respective tribes.

At some point prior to the formation of the current world, Hissopher grew impatient and unleashed his full destructive ability, consuming worlds before their time and disrupting the cycle of eternity. This was seen as an act of betrayal toward Jondar and his tribe, and sparked a war across the heavens between the two that was only partially settled when Ogden and Prin, who played no role in the previous events, produced the current world and bound the warring tribes to it.

The Supernal Age is followed by the Age of Harmony.

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