The True World is a concept within Oolbatism. It is believed by the Batsi that Khadaka is an illusion, a lesser version of the world that mankind was trapped within, and that the True World is mankind's intended home and the destination of all who successfully achieve enlightenment.

Description Edit

Surprisingly few details on the True World are actually available to Batsi. It is usually spoken of in vague, almost ethereal terminology. One thing that is constant is the belief that Khadaka, in its natural state, is wildly chaotic and that it is only the influence of the True World, through the influence of the Oolbat, that keeps physical laws and natural order in place.

Other Views Edit

While the Batsi do not make the direct association, others tend to associate the True World with the Higher Realms, or some specific realm within it. The Sylanthal also tend to view the influence of the True World as being Fate.

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